“Grounded” at my house meant a collection of unpleasant scenarios; I spent most of my pre teen years sitting cross legged on the top bunk of my shared bed, facing the wall. All day. No books, no interaction with my siblings who were constantly getting me in even more trouble by climbing into my bed and bothering me.

My parents room was less than 12 feet away, across the hall and She watched me like a hawk, waiting for me to somehow find a way to ruin being “grounded”. I received one meal a day, usually a sandwich, maybe leftovers from the dinner everyone else in the house enjoyed. I was allowed one bathroom break, and honestly, with only one glass of water at my one meal, I didn’t have to urinate very often.

You can imagine the boredom. the walls in my bedroom were not terribly exciting and I was not allowed to sleep the day away; I was to “sit and think about what I had done”. Unfortunately, you can only keep a 12 year old awake for so long and I found ways of nodding off without being caught right away. Since my parents room was so close, I would maneuver my bedroom door so that it wasn’t completely open, leaning my forehead against the wall and snoozing; as if I were on a long, cross country flight. That ended quickly. She was convinced I had been pilfering her pain medication, she had missing pills and I couldn’t stay awake. It was obvious.

New ways of inflicting “grounded” on me were conjured up after those accusations.

I won’t bore you with every creative idea that was wrought onto me, but The Corner was by far one of the worst. It had all the components of The Bed, but instead of sitting all day, I stood. Nose pressed into a corner that smelled of weathered wood and sourness, hands clasped behind my back. I was sent to The Corner when I woke up and was sent to bed, not at a normal bedtime, but when She went to bed. I stood for 12+ hours some days in that position; my feet ached, my back cramped, I endured shooting pain in my legs and my arms hurt. I cried alot during that time. I’d squat down and rest the second She walked out of the room, which was rare. I always got caught too, but I need relief.


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